Good tutorials to understand Angular JS Directive

This post is just a note for me so it won’t be long.

Lately I have a chance to learn modular javascript development by using Angular JS, and I found it interesting and will use it in my next project.

In Angular JS, I have found lot of new terms and concepts to deal with, and the most difficult part to understand is the Directive, IMHO. And since directive is one of the most powerful feature from Angular, so understand it is a must.

Yes its really frustrating for me at first, and the docs seems too advance for an Angular newcomer like me. But surrender is not an option here :).

So after reading a few tutorials about Directive on the web, not much are able to explain the basic of this thing clearly, but some are very good and an excellent guide.

So here they are that I found useful and fits on my brain, mostly explained with example use cases that easy to follow (in no particular order):

Wtf.. Only three? Yes for now, you only need 2 – 3 good tutorials to understand more about it. It won’t make you an expert but at least make you confident to create your own first Angular JS directive.

You’ve found another useful tutorials? please leave a comment, I will add it here. Thanks.

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