I switched to UBUNTU Linux

Finally, few days ago I do a massive changes on how do I work in web development.

For a few years, all of my development process from designing and coding a website is all on Windows operating system. And now I moved to fully Ubuntu Linux environment. So what makes me to do this changes?

The Reasons :

  1. I am tired of virus attacks and all of its problems, there is a time when I really love to clean computer worms/viruses manually. I like to figure out how this virus works and what it does on my PC. Its challenging, and I learn a lot from the process. But everything is different now, since I got more and more clients to work with and more project is coming, I have no time to play with viruses hide and seek game. I need more time to focus into my work and there are no exception for virus to screwed up my project and deadline time. So its time to move to a better environment.
  2. I want to familiarize my self with Linux OS, I know how to use Windows and now its time to know more about Linux. Its not the first time actually I use Linux, I have tried Redhat Linux, DSL(Damm Small Linux) live CD, Back Track live CD and got different feeling among each of them. One thing in my mind every time I tried these live CD is “Some day Linux will be the only one OS in my PC”.
  3. I more concern about Open Source software right now, for me if you can’t buy a licence for a software, than use the open source alternative, not to use the pirated one. Why you should concern about it? nobody knows you are using original or pirated one.. Yes, maybe that’s true and that’s the reality. But ever you thing how much money and time they spent to develop those commercial software? It needs money and time, and for you that are programmer I am sure you know how it feel when you spent all your time and money to build a super software and your neighbour use it for free without saying thanks to you.
  4. I want to support opensource community, I think it is time for me to show higher respect for those people who developing software for free. How do we support opensource community? simple answer, use opensource software, create opensource software and if you have enough money why no to buy them a cup of coffee alias donate.

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