My first ‘kiss’ to WordPress Plugin

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WordPress Plugins, what’s in your mind when the first time hear the word of “WordPress Plugins”?

for me, at the beginning of my experience with WordPress it’s sounds like a something that I will never touch. Why? because I think it’s a game of WordPress master only and the PHP master only.

There is a time when I really want to learn this new stuff and all of it, I start with reading few tutorials related to WordPress plugin creation. But I am stuck and lost between Hooks, Action, Filter and other functions.

Later I realize that, all of those problems cames up because I didn’t understand the very very basic of plugin it self and how it works. And everything is just black.

So when do you start to see the light on your head Eka? the answer is when I look back into the WordPress plugin admin panel and my attention is focused to a plugin with a strange name. Hello Dolly? yes, it’s Hello Dolly. At that time there is one question about this plugin, why Matt Mullenweg put this plugin in every WordPress release? is he want to teach me his favorite song? Sorry Matt, I have no time to learn your song, can you just teach me how to write WordPress plugin?.

That is my biggest mistake, and just realize that Hello Dolly is a clue and the door to the light. Hello dolly is the very basic and best plugin ever and it will teach you how plugin works and what it need to work. That’s open my mind and my understanding about WordPress plugin and where to start to learn it.

What is the lessons from my above story, the point is to  start with the basic, start with  zero and someday you will be a hero. Never underestimate the simplest and the smallest thing because sometime this smallest thing is the biggest thing you can find when you are lost in the dark.

In this blog I will try to share my experience on working with WordPress, and some simple plugins, not much but at least I have something to give to the community.

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