Yes, this is my first post..

Yes, this is my first post in this blog and today I decided to start blogging in English. Why is it so important to me, because as an Indonesian with  lack of ability to speak and write in English it need more courage to start to communicate something with people in other countries with different culture and their way to accept new things.

Fortunately.. technology, website, WordPress and other tech stuff is not a new thing at all. it is a global tools and the power to create a better future for the world, and I am happy to be here and proudly to show my really really simple works.

So, happy reading my blog. One tips for you, if you don’t understand about what I am talking about, just forget it or go back to Google and try other search query, it will makes your life much easier instead of spent a hole of your time to figure out what is this crazy guy means.

Peace and See you in my next post.

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