Top 5 Reasons of My WordPress addiction syndrome

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When at the first time I try WordPress, I thought it’s was a dificult framework to work with. WordPress was born as a blogging platform and I have no idea on how to use it as a company profile or website to make it look like a CMS.

Yeah.. that’s is my first Impression for WordPress, there is a fear for me to look at the code and get lost on it.I keep trying to do some research to find the right hole for me to enter the mysterious WordPress world at that time.

OK, I know how to add a new post, add a page, add an image and how to install new theme, is it enough? the answer is Big NO, I want to dig into it deeper and deeper, and amazingly it’s become more interesting and challenging.

My first challenge is to figure out how the WordPress theme work and how they are built. I can’t solve this problem my self, then I try to search in Google and found a really good series of tutorial on how to start to create your own wordPress theme. Thanks to Tung Do at for the great tutorials and here they are.

Now you are ready for my top 5 reasons of my WordPress addiction (in no particular order):

  1. Clean codes behind WordPress, there is a time when I develop a theme or plugin for WordPress and need a specific function to do something, but I have no clue about which function can help me to do it with no internet connection to looking for help. One way left is to open my WordPress instalation folder and start getting my feet wet. Most of the time I just need to open wp-includes folder and start the WordPress functions hunting. Once I get the right file, read the related WordPress function and finally get the suitable function. It’s quite easy to understand about what the Function means because of theĀ  good comments on the code, and help me to speed up the development.
  2. Flexible Custom fields in post/custom post meta, I think this is my favorite. This feature breaks the standard WordPress post limitation. And this is one of the top secret of many top WordPress theme developers out there. What can we do with this custom field? This field is really useful when you try to add additional information to the post and works just like a charm. Try to use it now, and you will gonna infected by WP custom fields syndrome :-). I wish have a time to write an article to show you how to use this feature, but there is already lot of tutorials out there on how to use it, start Google it now.
  3. WP_QUERY function, with wp_query function we can pull off any WordPress posts any where in your WordPress theme without to worry about overriding current WordPress loop. It’s can be really useful if you want to display posts in certain category only with specific parameters and display it anywhere you want to.
  4. Custom Page template, custom page template are useful when you try to display different page design on each WordPress page. You might not gonna use it on your regular blog, but sometimes you will gonna use it on your custom WordPress theme to make your website does not look like a blog. For more information about WordPress page template can you find it here.
  5. Rich WordPress documentation, to learn on how to use new things we need to read the documentation first. There is lot of people who lost in WordPress world because they ignore the map. Documentation on how to use WordPress, how to extend the functionality with plugins, how to create your own template etc is your golden map to your WordPress learningĀ  success. For full WordPress documentation, read it at

The above list will not represent the whole of WordPress power as web publishing tools, there is much more usefull features that you need to explore your self. At least those 5 reasons keep me of using WordPress for my next project.

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